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Preventive Care

Older man with nurse
Geriatric Care

Older adults are known to be more susceptible to experience multiple serious and chronic health conditions that require special care and attention.

Geriatric care may involve:

  • Regular visits with increased attention and screening for chronic or serious health issues.

  • Regular check-ups and follow-up appointments with a geriatric specialist, particularly if there are signs of cognitive decline.

  • Education and discussion about how to maintain good health as we age

  • Discussion of adopting their life or environment to help with the impacts of aging such as using a cane or walker, or even modifications to the home to mitigate the impact of stairs, or other areas that could be risky for a fall.

  • Coordination of care with other specialists


Medical Checkup
Women's Care
  • Regular pap smears, as well as regular health screenings for cervical, breast, or other types of female-specific cancer

  • Sexual health care and education, including treatments for STDs

  • Screening for and management of chronic health conditions impacting women

  • Routine breast exams and managing breast conditions

  • Diagnosing and managing menstrual cycle problems

  • Annual pelvic exams

Blood Test
Comprehensive Primary Care
  • Wellness Exams and Physicals

  • Adult Preventive Medicine

  • Injections and Immunizations

  • Diabetes Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Minor In-office Procedures

  • In-Office EKG and Spirometry Testing

  • Treatment of Acute Illnesses

  • Management of Chronic Conditions

  • Coordinating complex care with Specialists

  • Women’s healthcare including Pap smears, Menopause and Gynecologic services

  • On-site Laboratory Services

  • Point of Care Testing

  • On site PT/INR check

  • Ear lavage

  • Routine wound care

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